Navinn Rajendran IN TOUCH with Mohd Hanif Naim

1. What fascinates you about design?

The freedom of creativity and innovations in designing. It fascinate me on how our Mind could work and innovate of such creations on the moment it is required or when one is in deep inspired mind to be different.


2. It takes alot of courage to jumpnfrom a medical studentnto a fashion designer. How much of an obstacle did you face in the transition?

Well when I first made the decision, the only obstacle i had was within my self. I had to fight between with what i think i want and what i feel like i want. You see, both are a need and both is what i love to do most. But it took me quite a period of time to realize that i love fashion and med together equally. But i cant live a life of a doctor coz i just dont have the patience of a doctor. I was more in love with its knowledge. So finally i decided to take up what ive always been passionate about.

The moment that I have faced the most difficult obstacle which is my self. Everything went really smoothly. Everyone in the family was very supportive


3. How much freedom has the country given you to explore your creativity?

Creativity doesn’t have to be determined based on a country really. I felt i had always had the freedom to innovate and use my full imagination on what i am working on. Well except for full nudity. Ive showcased somewhat more daring collection but never was published due to ones country discretion upon nudity.


4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Well, hopefully with gods permit, I would like to have my brand expanded in atleast one whole continent. But to be honest i like my growth to be stable and strong. So within 5 years i see my self of having a stable company with strong buyers on my product.


5.. Every designer have their uniqueness, what is yours?

Well id say, that my uniqueness is on understanding the human body well and applying that to my silhouette and designs. So every garments or design are of a woman that inspire me. And all of our garment hugs your body well.

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