video Who’s gonna stop Paperplane Pursuit?

The Malaysian music scene is booming and Paperplane Pursuit is a proof of that. While a lot of buzz is surrounding their hit number Feel Good as it broke into the Billboard Top 40 charts recently, there is no better time for the trio to release their latest music video – Who’s Gonna Stop Me. Possibly an allegory of their current status.

The music video kicks off in a pink Sedan with Feel Good playing at the background, then boom – the boys are rocking in a ring. John O, the lead singer, looks incredibly fresh alongside bandmates – Isaac and Andrew. SEA Games Gold medalist Farah Ann also stars in the music video, showcasing her acrobatic skills. John O definitely knows how to excite a crowd, judging from his presence in the music video.


Musically and lyrically catchy, the music video does justice to the track. Produced by digital media company – The Spacemen, whose previous works include OJ Law’s Introverts and Bihzhu’s Bright Veins, the team from space have indeed executed a crafty and slick video back here on Earth.

With expectations running high, we definitely hope Paperplane Pursuit continue inspiring us with their awesome pop music!

Photo taken from The Spacemen Facebook page
Photo Credit: The Spacemen Facebook page

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*Featured Image taken from The Spacemen – Who’s Gonna Stop Me BTS


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