video When ‘Lean On’ meets ‘Jind Mahi’ = Awesomeness!

Mash-ups always results in mind-blowing and genre-bending music, and this is surely evident in VidyaVox’s summer release of her own twist to the global summer hit, ‘Lean On’. The upbeat Punjabi beats alongside the rhythmic percussion will definitely get you pumped up.

Featuring Ricky Jatt, Raashi Kulkarni, Raginder Momi, VidyaVox brings her own style and delivery in this song, stamping it with her trademark vocals. The Punjabi vibes shines throughout this mash-up adds more oomph to this catchy number.


The music video which was released on June 2015 has already clocked a million views and it will definitely grow in the coming months. We hope Major Lazer, the guys behind Lean On, will work with VidyaVox, trust us – the result would be an eargasmic blend of electronica music and authentic Asian vibes!

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