Aalayam Review by Navinn Rajendran

I love the whole idea of God but I don’t indulge in it. Having to believe everything has a reason, the whole idea of religion too has its reason. But it takes a lot of guts to execute a short film based on such believes and thought. This short movie taught me to have a lot of patience. I had to watch it 4 times just to understand what it’s all about. God watching over her children in her home. Some behave properly, some don’t. Having claimed to be a public service announcement, to me it wasn’t. It was not impactful enough to bring a change. The casts were not clear until the credits came up. It could have been executed better I feel. To look at the concept in a different angle. As I sat and reflected back on Aalayam, it only reminded me of a particular quote. In a temple, the begger begs outside and the rich begs inside. I respect temples as a religious institution, but I feel better issues could be addressed to bring about change. The god itself will agree. It’s a clear cut failed attempt by Sanjeev Kumar, but it’s the idea failed and not your passion and determination. Looking forward for your next short movie.
Article covered by Navinn Rajendran for TROOTZ


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