Klangkai unveils debut music video – Sofia

Klangkai has unveiled his debut music video – Sofia with Candy Factory Studios producing manning the video department. Candyman, who works closely with PU4LYF Entertainment, directed and edited the video, as well as providing his cinematographic skills. The visuals in the music video complements the gaana-themed song, probably one of the best music videos currently in the Tamil independent music scene. The playful nature and the bright colours add vibrance to the video.

The video starts off with a sort-of a futuristic Terminator entry, who is in search of a missing vadai. Candyman has executed a terrific job in this portion, in terms of the sound and movement editing. Vihara Dancers look pleasant in front of the camera and their efforts are commendable.

Malaysian Simran and Sheezay also make an appearance in the video, to add comic effect. Also making an appearance in the music video is Lock Up Nathan, who portrays Rabbit.mac. Most likely a gimmick attempt, but judging from the YouTube comments, many are missing Rabbit.mac’s video appearance.

Overall, Candyman continues to push the bar higher when it comes to music video making. Sofia is probably the best work from him to date and the team behind it has done a commendable job. We do hope the music video gets television air play as we need more playful and creative such as Sofia on air, instead of routine and generic music video.

Article covered by Hypesmith Vanguard for Trootz


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