Trootz on Viknish Lokarag Asokan


Viknish Lokarag Asokan is not a stranger in the Malaysian movie scene. Having directed a number of quality movies, we would like to look into his work and himself as a craftsman. Movies has been a serious business itself over the years and being able to project a particular story in mind and script takes platinum balls. Never knowing how the outcome is going to be, but delivering the story at its best has been a tremendous task. When asked what inspired him to do movies, he credits it to his grandfather whom watches old Tamil movies of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan. Fascinated by such acting skills by legends, he dreamt of doing the same.

To date, he has successfully directed 2 Short Films. Arindhum Ariyamalum and Neatru Aval Irundhal.


Arindhum Ariyamalum comes with a list of casting that was well chosen in accordance to the characters of the story. Lovers whom see friendship as a barrier to their freedom decides to part and later the same friendship makes them realize that the core of the issue was not being able to see the friendship in their relationship. Movie ends with a very positive note of all four eventually dwells in love. Not being an asshole as how I usually am, I would like to be one and comment on the casts. All four acted well. Could they have done better? Not necessary. The characters were projected well. But whats nice what having a dark and fair couple on both the character relationship make me feel good. Colour mukkiyam ille. Manese thaan bang. Overall, it was a positive launch.


NAI on the other hand was my favorite. Karnan killed it with his performance. Credit to Viknish for being able to execute them well. Between 02.51 – 03.26 where both Karnan and Jaya would be having coffee was excellent. The way Karnan looks at Jaya during conversation actually convinced me he is a worthy actor. Nadigan da, nee nadigan daaaaaaaaa. Jaya executed well at the restaurant scene at 13.23 and Karnan again was splendid when he cries over the phone at 16.54. Not to leave out Mahesan Poobalan’s voice and acting which actually projected the villain character exceptionally well. An ending that was least expected, a twist in the story just wowed viewers.

Having looked into both these movies, the outcome could only have been possible with Viknish’s execution. Having dropped two good movies, awards too did fled in.




And these movies and skill were not overnight efforts but years. List as below.

Avan Ippadithaan worked as PRO

Melle Tiranthathu Kathavu worked as Assistant Director

Suhamaai Subbulakshmi worked as Assistant Director

Azhagu by Salaam (Music Video) worked as Assistant Director

Adiyeh Kirekki by Vicanes Jay (Music Video) worked as Assistant Director

Neatru Aval irundhal (Short film) was the producer, scriptwriter and director

Barbie Doll by Json Jay (Music Video) was the Director Photogeniec by Sivanesan Ramdass (Short film) was the Producer

Aval Ooru Penn by Hemaraj Manivannan (Short film) was the executive producer

#ORA by Dnesh (short film) worked as the Dialogue writer Thiruvin Manggai (short film) co producer, scriptwriter and director.

So, whats next Viknish? The below movie is next he says.


Covered by Navinn Rajendran for TROOTZ.

*Director saar, plz give Raja Suryah a chance.

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