SE Boyz makes a comeback with C.Murugan!

We just came across SE Boyz latest music video titled C.Murugan, which was released on October 28. Upon watching the humorous video, we can easily sum up that the Tamil act from Canada  have definitely set the bar higher in terms of storytelling and creativity.

The music video starts off with Brown Jack, donning a pirate costume chasing the lead character. Then, what follows is a scene of a couple displaying affection, which leads to an argument due to the lead character’s promiscuous behaviour. In the heat of the argument, the female lead slaps the lead character. Brown Jack is then introduced as C.Murugan, who is seen to give a helping hand to get the lead character back on his feet.

What follows is a cat-and-dog chase between C.Murugan and the lead character. Although, the lead character tries to fend him off, but C.Murugan does not give up and continues to chase the lead. The antics portrayed by both C.Murugan and the lead are indeed comical and humorous.

The end of the video reveals that C.Murugan is actually a figment of imagination – and is actually an alcoholic beverage. The Montreal-based Tamil talents have cleverly explored the relationship of alcohol and love failure through C.Murugan, which is actually a metaphor in the music video. We are extremely impressed by the creative execution behind this video.

On another note, we are glad that we can once again listen to the melodious SE Boyz and we hope they will keep churning such addictive pieces in the coming months.

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