Introducing CJ Germany!

CJ Germany is making waves on our news feed and it is only rightly so, with his eargasmic The Beginning – a visual presentation of his musical prowess. The European-based Tamil musician hit all the right notes with his mash-up Don-U Don-U by Anirudh and Kadhalikkum Pennin by AR Rahman, alongside with his own freestyle play.

Blending the modern with the classical, CJ Germany mesmerizes us with his sonic-shifting fingers, showcasing the beauty of violin. The music video starts off with CJ Germany donning a hooded vest and starts off his freestyle violin play. He proceeds to reveal himself, then performing the Kollywood melodious piece. The team behind this project – Desuban (editing), M. Kowthan (music) and Kausikan Sivalingam (mixing and mastering), all should be commended for their effort.

Desuban did an incredible job with the editing, similarly, M. Kowtham’s music and Kausikan’s engineering – on top of CJ Germany’s violin play – the entire creative pursuit comes together harmoniously. The Beginning was released on November 18, 2015 and has already notched 8,000+ views!

Did you like the video? If yes, do share! As for us, we would love to see more from these European Tamil talents!

Featured image copyrighted to Echo8 Productions

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