Sanggari Krish serenades in Uyirukkul Kaichal

Clover Musique is back again – if last year they produced the melodious hit Minsara Kadhal, this year, it’s Uyirukkul Kaichal by Sanggari Krish and Jaseran. The Shaman-Raj Pirate duo are also back again with this track, with Shaman composing the melodious piece alongside Pirate’s lyrics. Sanggari Krish nails the track with her mesmerizing vocals and we are extremely impressed by the newcomer. There are not many upcoming female vocalists around, hence Sanggari Krish’s entry is definitely something we are looking forward in the growing Tamil independent scene. It is also worth mentioning Jaseran, who sings a couple of verses in the track.

Clover Musique is certainly doing it right, carefully working on their projects and introducing a worthy talent, such as Sanggari. We hope to hear from them, as well as, Sanggari Krish and Shaman in the near future. We also hope this team will keep working together in the coming future. Shaman, is a composer worth looking out for – his compositions so far has been eclectic and modern-sounding. Keeping it both edgy and classical, simultaneously.

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