Young Ruff’s Takeover Album Review


The much awaited Takeover album is out. Young Ruff is back in the league with style. The album cover was sketched by Kenzy Is Noyz which portrays a raged Young Ruff wrecking the town. As the sketch is concerned I would have preferred Young Ruff to be highlighted more as in his image sketched bigger as its Young Ruff’s album. Otherwise, the cover has got many colour variations that makes it exciting to be picked up. Inlay contains the track list and a thank you note. Both were clear to read, simple and well written. Kelvinated did a good job on the inlay designs.


We shall just review the tracks sideling the skids, intro and outro. Take Over ft . Roshan Jamrock. Produced and composed by Roshan Jamrock. This track literally speaks on the journey of Young Ruff and the chorus was executed by Roshan. The title track was sort of explain why this album has to be out and its struggles and necessities.

Supermama ft Emcee Jesz which have a MV released has been the initial track that announced the arrival of Takeover. Party Till We Drop, the title says it all.

Tamilan Anthem, saw its MV released a couple of days before the launch gave a good push for the launch. Punch lines in this track were exceptional and well executed. K-Pop Killa might have killed it but how impactful it has been to the masses is still a doubt.

Cari Makan is definitely one of my favourite feat. Kyren Thomas. The sharpness of Kyrens voice has always mesmerized me and the lyrics for this track has a beautiful story line. Trootz could relate to this track cause we also kena cari makan.

Jingy and Unake Varenda was a track that had a narrowed down target audience that favours the specific genre. Avaporaley might be a reflection of Young Ruff’s love experience probably. Trance feat K-Town Clan & Masia One has been my most favourite track. Elements of Indian traditional instruments gave a big push for this track. Muthal Muthalai on the other hand, Bobby Simha’s favourite is a must check out track.


Overall, this is a than Young Ruff’s personal album. Roshan Jamrock’s influence alongside Young Ruff’s lyrics and flow makes this album worth purchasing. Welcome back Young Ruff.

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