Maayai – a runaway success

A group of Swiss Tamils, as well as Swiss, got together and formed a band called Swiss Rhythm’s. The result – probably the best thing to emerge in the Tamil independent music circuit. Consisting of Pragash Segaram (Bass), Savio (Guitar), Praveen Sarangan (Keyboard), Surya Segaram (Keyboard), Biraveen Jeyandran (Tabla), Surenthan Rasaratnam (Electric Pad), Mis Ter Jey (Electric Pad), Sajeen Varatharajah (Drums) and Chris (Saxophon), their first ever song, titled Maayai is extremely astounding. Sung by the reality show contestant Super Singer, S. Nerujan and upcoming singer, Stefeja V, both of them have certainly done justice to the music. Nerujan hits all the right notes at Maayai.

Popular European Tamil lyricist and comedian, Dayan Shan is also involved in this project through his lyrics and also video direction. The photogenic CJ is one of the cast in the music video, alongside Mathura and Prins. While there are many music products being released by European Tamils, Mayaavi is so far one of the best collaborations to emerge from these young talents – both visually and aurally. We have to congratulate the cinematographer, Surenth and also John Varnan for the colour grading. The video
complements the eclectic music. Props to the music team for combining elements of the east and west, it’s amazing to see how tabla and flashes of dubstep just brings Maayai to life. The award-winning Kausikan Sivalingam is also involved in this project through his impeccable mixing and mastery. Can we say this is an all-star team working on Maayai? We have Nerujan, Dayan, Kausikan, CJ – all amazing talents in their respective field.


The music video which was released a couple of days back has already clocked 24K views, certainly a good start for Tamil independent talents. A lot of positive comments have been pouring in. Some are comparing Mathura, the lead female actor, to Amy Jackson, while some are saying this is the best song of 2015. As for us, we are amazed how so many diverse talents were able to come together and work on this song. It must have taken ages to craft this song – certainly props to the entire team. We hope Maayai will be the breakthrough for all of these talents. Swiss Rhythms are bound to go places if they are able to keep this momentum and build on the runaway success of Maayai. Do you think Maayai is the song that will conquer the Tamil independent scene for 2015?


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