7 Reasons Why Attractive Women Often Date Unattractive Men

Call it being judgmental but this question has crossed every guy’s mind – why do pretty women date ugly or lesser attractive guys? How the hell could that strikingly pretty girl date him – this reaction is not hard to find but is surely hard to fathom.  Maybe he’s rich? Maybe he keeps her happy?  Or maybe he’s just too good in bed? Well, what goes on in a woman’s head, stays in a woman’s head! Here are 7 reasons that decipher the age-old question.

1. A pretty woman is the least insecure while dating a lesser attractive guy. The fact that the guy, being an average-looking person, gives her an edge in the relationship. Women love the feeling when their partner is least poachable!

2. Since she is the better looking of the two, she always has this feeling of having the upper hand in the relationship. Sometimes it’s there for others to see, sometimes it’s discreet, but most men dating really pretty girls might not even realize that they are being driven by their girls.

3. Women’s notion of beauty is very different from that of men. For women, things go beyond just looks. They are more into the ‘soul and character’ territory. Truth be told, it’s not the square jaw or broad shoulders but the ability to make her feel loved that will make the prettiest girl fall for you.

4. To be brutally honest, good looks definitely get you noticed more than often. In other words, less attractive men are less likely to be approached by random strangers like at parties or in bars. And this eliminates the fear in women about their partner landing up in a fling or a one-night stand.

5. Women love the ‘sense of superiority’ in a relationship. And a lesser attractive partner provides just that.

6. Most average Joes, while dating an extremely pretty girl, do realize the fact that they have gotten more than their due. This naturally makes them turn into a more caring and concerned partner when compared to a good-looking guy. And concern and care is what a woman actually wants!

7. Since there is no insecurity about the guy dumping her or having girls chasing him, the girl gets a feeling that the relationship is more likely to last.


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