SAVADI by Switch Lock Up – Album Review

Switch Lock Up is definitely not a stranger in the Malaysian Indian music scene. And him dropping a music album is definitely a moment many has been waiting. But the biggest question that was asked by many is that if Switch himself has finally decided to switch to drop a Hip Hop album or its just and extension of Lock Up. The question was answered when Switch dropped his singles Savadi. But what thought to be a track that was released to remind people that Switch is not dead had caught us off guard.



Simple. New school Hip Hop feel is felt. Album title font looks dope. Not sure what my man is trying to do ; shooting himself, showing where he thinks, etc. Its simple and the person of focus is clearly projected.


1. My Indian Girls

This tracks was basicly for Indian Girls as the title says it all. Well blended English and Tamil lyrics. This has been the only track that was released with a MV. Chicks were definitely dope in the MV and the way it was shot and editted were also exceptional. The beat for the track was well executed, its usual though as its Switch’s signature to produce dope beat.

2. Semmeh

A track to be heavily rotated in clubs and not your stereo. Heavy English slang in Tamil vocals though. Semmeh wasn’t as Semmeh as expected.

3. Isai ft. Xavier Lock Up

One of the dopest track in this album. Xavier killed the chorus with his vox and feel. Whomever that composed the chorus was exceptionally brilliant. Rap verses were also well executed to keep it up to the chorus and beat’s quality.

4. Savadi

Oorekke theriyum Switch’na Savadi. This track is one of the track that actually hinted the album but the only problem was that the last track in this album fucked this track upside down. BUT without this track, the last track wouldn’t have been possible.

5. Thanimaiyil ft. Losny

A track with a Reggae feel. Losny’s presence is very much felt but she didn’t force us to put the track on repeat. But definitely it is a decent track that was executed well.

6. Thale Therikke ft. Dan Shiv & MC Syze

When the track started, it gave a feel like Dungeon Dragons and chorus sounds like Bebot. Comparing the three rappers, the one that killed the track with his respective verse was Dan Shiv. The fusion of English and Tamil verses/lyrics were well blended. MC Syze as usual, legendary with his flow and lyrics.

7. Oorgolam ft. Arvind Raj

Arvind Raj is a Dope Boys talent and has been delivering exceptionally good tracks with his deep and heavy vocal. The saxophone touch was indeed sweet and completed the feel of the track.

8. I am Hip Hop

Definitely we don’t know if this song was necessary. But you can lend your ears to this. Every rapper want to do a Hip Hop song and Switch has joined the club.

9. M.M.S

If you wanna know on Switch’s Pay Day and what he does with it, listen. If not, hit next,

10. Thick Girl ft. Balan Kashmir

Dope beat. Punish the girls please.

11. Dapang Bounce ft. Menaga & DJ Sathia

Sounded like a Lock Up track though.

12. Get It ft. MNMPF


13. Savadi Acoustic ft. Arvind Raj & Illa Michael



The album is worth every Ringgit/Dollar/Euro/Dinar. The talent definitely stood up to the title of his album. #savadi


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