Porekkere Pombele & Pombele Porikki

by Navinn Rajendran.

Respect Women? Respect Men?

No. I respect the person, not the gender. I can’t simply respect a shitty person just because of his or her gender.

If we understand the above, we will never have to talk about it anymore or even judge anyone if any such issues arise. Thevediya and Pombele Porikki is  common label we hear around us amongst the public or amongst the talent themselves. I puke to these labels. And people find me being less Indian and some even feels I’m not grateful to be one. Flush such taught down the toilet bowl. Let me tell you why. The root of this is issue is down to just one word.


It’s who we are, the choices we make, our values and what we stand for that builds us. The one singular activity that comes down to such label is SEX. Sex is awesome and who wouldn’t want to have it. But we have the power to discriminate to choose whom to have it with. What drives you to strip down without a single thread on your body for an experience you yearn for? ATTRACTION. Hence why blame an ARTIST when the key of his trade is attraction? Sex is always a two way. Unless you masturbate for such an experience then it’s a one way. When two person agrees to make love, how can only one person be blamed for it.

Throughout my whole life and the experiences I have endured, men’s biggest weakness is lust and women’s biggest weakness is emotions. This is indeed a common scenario. Some take the opportunity to advance to a particular person through sex and it’s common. If a men is a Pombele Porikki then where did the brain of the girl travel to? Probably to her knees. And if a girl is advancing to a men where did his brains travel to? To the knees too.

But, if a women whom stand by her values is being harassed, then it’s out rightly wrong. But instead of doing something about it legally, we rather talk about it and tarnish the individuals name. Be fair to yourselves. You are not happy. Stand up for yourself and report the person through the rightful channels. Do not wash the dirty linen in public if you don’t intend to stand up for yourself. Don’t complain like kids. Some relationships work, some don’t. Some are FOB’s and some are SOB’s. Some are saints, some are not, some act like one and I’m a devil. Quit talking at the back and YES, we have taken a step forward towards progress.


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