Usuru Narambulay Fan Made Video by The Kiddo Legacy

by Navinn Rajendran

I would have to be honest that this fan made video is close to my heart. I have been watching it every single day since release. The focus of the video is definitely the female cast. She was beautifully projected. Her emotions are very expressive. And definitely no one could have pulled it better then herself. I always have had an interest in slow motion videos because it takes a lot of effort to express a sound or lyrics in a particular moment.

The choices of clothing were spot on. Location probably I think its Cameron Highlands. Beautiful scenery. The male cast was shown at the appropriate moments and his reactions were right on. I would say this is a dope effort by The Kiddo Legacy. Right choice of track and right visual to compliment the song.

Thank you The Kiddo Legacy for such an outstanding viewing pleasure. And thank you for projecting women with full of love and heartfelt emotions. Ramah Vashinie beautifully relived the song.


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