3 Reasons why Balan Kashmir deserves the success in Hola Amigo!


Balan Kashmir is getting a lot of attention recently for his recent work with Chennai youth icon Anirudh Ravichander for Hola Amigo, an upbeat lazy rap-inspired track from the Kollywood film Rum. Kollywood is a competitive entertainment industry and whenever an independent act makes a breakthrough, it’s always a success for us. While it is nice seeing this Klang-born rap artist making waves, Balan Kashmir is probably one of the most hardworking and well-grounded rapper in the game for a long time now. So, here is 3 reasons why we think this humble rap artist deserves the success from Hola Amigo.

Redefined the Malaysian rap scene with KLG Sqwad

If you have never heard of KLG Sqwad, then let us introduce to you Malaysian hip hop. KLG Sqwad is a multiracial and multilingual hip hop group from Klang. Being one of the founders of the rap group, KLG Sqwad practically redefined the Malaysian rap game through their inclusiveness and social messages through their lyrical rhymes. Sadly, KLG Sqwad has ceased to exist now.

Doing crossovers with ease

Balan Kashmir is one of the few rappers who can belt out rhymes in ease in both English and Tamil. The Klang rapper is synonymous for his language crossovers. He has done tracks both in English and Tamil and has witnessed success in both. His Maria, a predominantly English-Tamil song, was a hit among local listeners, while his latest release Live My Life featuring Mark Adam did pretty well in Malaysia’s number one English station, hitz.fm.

keeping his roots strong

In his own ways, Balan Kashmir is a successful rapper, nonetheless this Malaysian rapper has always remained true to his roots. Remaining humble and acknowledging his parents strong influence for his success. Balan Kashmir, the guy who coined the term Macha Magic, has always highlighted his identity through his lyrics, particularly in Young Sambanthan.

We believe Balan Kashmir has much more in store for us and we hope this Klang rapstar keeps growing and breaking language boundaries in both the Malaysian and Tamil music scene.


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