The Senjufied Phenomenon

by Navinn Rajendran

Senjividum Kaigale, Ithu Ungelekke Oru Samarpanam.

It is very common to hear complains that’s someone has cheated someone. It doesn’t surprise me. Many might feel it’s a new phenomenon but it has been happening for centuries. Kingdoms wouldn’t have fell if not for senjus. Cultures or habits wouldn’t be shit if not for senjus. And the truth is, we are all senjus in a way or another. But when it comes to entertainment they just seem to be non-acceptance that its normal to be senjufied.

Senjus are born out of two reason. Either because they think they are always right and they just can’t accept the fact someone is better. And with Malaysian Indian Entertainment, we don’t even have to say it, whether they are good in what they do not I’m not sure but they are good at this. I have heard so many senjufied moments that I would like to share with you these moments with you instead of explaining what you senjus might be good at.

  • “Boss, ill sing/act free for you. Your love is more then enough sir”
  • “Ei ponnu, come to my guest house. Ill make you host for my next program”
  • “Ennada rap pannure? Why never mention my name? Change flow and lyrics.” After keeping the same flow and lyrics but just adding ‘sifus’ name, “Hit track da” *facepalm
  • Senju : Macha, Producer B said #@%$@^^* about you.

Producer B : Dei Producer A, why are you talking behind my back? Beepmavanne.

Producer A : Dei Hair’andy I know what you said about me to Senjumani. Vaada     punchpannikelam.

Senju : I shall rest my case and sleep well.

  • “Please don’t talk bad about industry. We get free food, accommodation, and selfie with the artist themselves. Veere enna unnum veenum.” *yereme made, nalla tungikitte tinne.


  • “We will just mind our own business and not question any wrong doing. We don’t care about anyone” *but these are the fellas and fellis that will talk on unity and scene not making money.
  • “RM5K is enough for our host. We have to take their bits and add up to the RM99k payment for our international host.”
  • “Just because you thought us how to rap doesn’t mean I have to follow your advises. Poda neeyum un label um.”
  • “we shall tell the all we are going to do something for them and lets collect funds and they will forget about it anyway. They even didn’t ask about the previous funds”
  • “Put my name fully for the track, I want all the royalty”
  • “Scene eppedi iruntha enekke enna, naa nalla iruntha seri. Yenekke yaare enna panna?”

These are just some moments I have shared. If you have any memorable senju moments, please feel free to share. Till then beware of senjividum kaigel.




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