Why Malaysia Needs Another Indian Radio Station?

by Navinn Rajendran

For many of us, radio has been our dear companion. It starts from early on when there was no television, our world was everything around us and radio. As time passed on, the media outlets evolved so drastically that some media options went extinct such as VCR but radio remained strong. Radio was companions to our mothers that are cooking in the kitchen, car travellers and even workplaces. Minnal FM, the Malaysian national radio channel for Indians has been a pioneer even though they have not evolved much with creativity and hence came by THR Raaga whom was initially a highway radio station. They came in with a vibrant and youthful force. Exceptional in their content and the RJ’s very youthful and exciting. The thamizh they used were casual conversations which many could relate to and they switch took place from Minnal FM to THR Raaga. For more or less than 2 million Malaysian Indians, two radio stations could be just well enough. Then why do we need another radio stations?

In my opinion, when we can accept more than 2 indian based TV channel that does not even have Malaysian content, what’s wrong with having more then 2 radio stations? It is just not wrong to have another radio station. Period. We have accepted so many unnecessary ideas and options. We even take the liberty to blame our social ills to these media but we will give way for a Malaysian effort. Secondly, it will raise the standards of the radio content with these competition. The ones with good content will have more listeners and the rest will work their way to match the standards. It will also open up more opportunity for Malaysian talents to showcase their music and more personalities to come forward and expose themselves. But of course having another radio station wouldn’t be a delightful project for many but the necessity is there.

Are we willing to work towards progress? Ask yourself.


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