3 Things We Like About Uppu Mutteh teaser

The producers of Uppu Mutteh, Clicks Model, have unveiled the teaser for the much-anticipated Uppu Mutteh, a song featuring Balan Kashmir (Malaysia), Teejay (UK) and Nadisha Thomas (India). Judging from the 41 seconds teaser, we are in for a real treat from these talents. Hence, here are 3 things what we like about Uppu Mutteh teaser!

The Line-Up
Balan Kashmir, Nadisha Thomas and D'Navigator
Balan Kashmir, Nadisha Thomas and D’Navigator

All three acts featured in this song are from different countries. The only common thing they share is the Tamil language. It is great to see how acts from different countries are now able to collaborate together. Breaking geographical boundaries and working for a common goal – to make good music. When Trootz  first started – this is what we stand for – an independent Tamil industry, which is able to thrive on its own. Uppu Mutteh is a micro evidence to this.

D’Navigator’s music


The eminent Klang-based music producer is back in the Tamil biz! It has been sometime we heard from this award-winning composer making music in the Tamil independent scene. While he has been busy working in the studio with Dr Sakthi, it is nice to hear the freshness present in Uppu Mutteh. Also, D’Navigator is known for churning out hits after hits and from the teaser, Uppu Mutteh is gonna be a banger, without a doubt!

Teejay’s presence


Not forgetting, Teejay’s recognizable vocals. We are loving what we hear and it is inspiring to see how far Teejay has grown over the years. From an aspiring singer from the streets of London, the Tamil singer now is rocking it at an international level.

What else we like?

At 0.23 seconds, Balan Kashmir is seen rocking the Macha By Birth apparel! It definitely looks good! We are intending to purchase one of those rocking sweater!

Watch out this space for Uppu Mutteh release!



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