THEDAL Music Video Review

By Navinn Rajendran

I have to be honest that I’m listening to the song for the first time and the visuals had actually been a great treat. A song produced by T Maan Flo. On the overall, the chorus and violin had been executed well. The attitude for the chorus has been the needed feel for the concept and so was the violin. Hats off to both of them.

Crazy House worked on the visuals for this track and I will have to say that it has been excellent. The narrative plot had been well thought off and a big holla to the editor of the MV. Everything was precisely shown without any less or more. And casting usually plays a big role in any MV and the couple that was featured was just perfect. Probably the on screen comfort shown by these individuals were due to their off screen chemistry.

On an overall, the MV was worth my time. Hoping to see more Crazy House works in the near future.


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