Anbe Aaruyirae Review

by Navinn Rajendran

It has been another amazing week for Malaysian Music scene with the release of Anbe Aaruyirae Music Video. This is yet another track that I am listening for the first time. I was told that this track was shelved for 7 years before its recent release. As for the track is concerned, the chorus was beautifully crafted with good balance between English and Thamzih. But indeed, such a balance was expected with the rap and of course there could have been more rap flow variation.

As far the Music Video is concerned, it was executed extremely well. Vathaniy, the young lady that directed the video has a clear storyline which was executed well by all the cast. Cast selection was on point. The expression that all expressed were well captured and the editing was done extremely well with the right colouring throughout the MV.

On the overall, this is a definitely a must watch Music Video.



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