Interview with Boxer Nisah

nisah 1

She is an upcoming boxer and the first female Indian boxer in the National Amateur Boxing Squad. Upon winning Gold at national levels, the young boxer, Nisah, has been working on her craft and honing her boxing skills. We at Trootz decided to interview Nisah to get to know more about her and why she decided to pursue boxing.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Well, my full name is Navanesah Paramispran but I go with the nickname Nisah. I have two brothers, they are Logeswaran Thevar and Suriyan Thevar. I am from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. I have been boxing for roughly six years now, before that I was practising taekwando.

Q: Why did you choose to enter boxing?


I choose boxing because I felt it is something very different and I wanted to try something different as well. I was given the chance to participate in boxing seriously through my state. While being drafted into the boxing team, it was only then I realized that I’m the first Indian female boxer in the Malaysian Amateur Boxing team. Also, boxing is a very tactical and interesting sport which requires both the body and mind.

Q: What are your achievements so far?


I have participated in various boxing tournaments. However, the turning point is during the Golden Glove match by the Malaysian Amateur Boxing Association. It was national levels and I won Gold. After claiming the Gold, I was given the special award Ragavin Saathanaiyaalar by THR Raaga. I was also interviewed by Astro Arena and Astro Vaanavil’s television show – 360 Degree. Besides that, I also participated in Kejohanan Wanita Kebangsaan, KL Mayor Cup, Kejohanan Tinju Pelapis Wanita and other friendly matches with Airforce and Felda

Q: Who are your gurus in boxing and real life?

My gurus in boxing are my coaches – Mr Fitri an Mr Faizal. At first, I was the only girl in the boxing training camp. Nonetheless, they took care me under their wings and tauget me a lot techniques. In real life, I would say my inspirational gurus are the great boxers – Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquio and Mike Tyson. Before I enter the ring to fight, I usually watch their videos on YouTube to get pumped up. I look at them as my heroes.

Q: What do you feel like telling to young Indian talents out there?


I wish to tell to all the young Indian talents out there to chase for their dreams and achieve it. We must show to others that we are good and capable. As for the girls, we need to be brave in every situation and they need to learn some form of martial arts to protect themselves. I wish my achievement as a female Indian boxer will inspire other girls out there to pick up a sport and excel.

We would like to wish Nisah all the best for her future endeavors and hope she continues to reach greater heights!

Interview by Raja Suryah



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