Are you mad enough? John Dice reinvents himself in new track

John Dice reinvents himself with his new music video, Kaduppa Yerudha, which literally translates to ‘are you irritated enough?’. With long braids, and coming in harder than his usual self, Kaduppa Yerudha has an infectious beat that is produced by Killadi Music. Similarly, the catchy hook would keep you coming for more. While we are loving John Dice’s latest music video, what got us hooked were D9’s rap verses, and Arvin Big Syze’s presence. Firstly, we were impressed with D9 spitting his verses, his natural flow and the smoothness he exhibits when he goes back and forth with English and Tamil impressed us. Next, Arvin Big Syze has been in the industry for a long time, and he has played a big role behind the scene in launching careers of upcoming rappers and singers, such as Amy Si and Gobi MJ. We are certainly happy to see Arvin Big Syze dropping bars and making an appearance in Kadupu Yerudha. We believe there is more to come from Big Syze, and we are pretty sure that one day his killer rap verses would be appreciated by the masses. Meanwhile, John Dice has come a long way, from the viral success of Sandiyar Kathai and releasing the Sandiyar Kathai unplugged a few weeks ago, Kaduppu Yerudha sees him picking up a more gangster-feel. We are expecting more tracks from John Dice!

The music video is crafted by none other than Ken Royson, who has produced several independent Tamil music videos. With his trademark fast cuts and pauses, Kaduppu Yerudha is a must-watch music video for both its visual and audio appeal.

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