6 Best Tamil Independent Songs, So Far

The first half of 2015 is about to end and yes, that was quick! So far, it has been a great year for independent Tamil music, a lot of amazing and quality releases. With a lot of exciting materials coming out from independent artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UK and Europe, we had to eventually put together this list of best independent Tamil songs … Continue reading 6 Best Tamil Independent Songs, So Far

Daddy Shaq makes a comeback!

The man responsible for countless chart toppers and hit numbers is back in the groove – yes, Daddy Shaq is back in the limelight after sometime. Working alongside Veedu Production in their latest movie – Vere Vazhi Ille, Daddy Shaq once again returns as the music director. This time with much more experience and knowledge, the popular music composer has said to set a high … Continue reading Daddy Shaq makes a comeback!

5 Things You Would Like In Vere Vazhi Ille OST

Veedu Production has announced their latest film – Vere Vazhi Ille after the successful Vetti Pasange and Vilaiyattu Pasange. To kick off their upcoming movie, they have released their customary theme song with Daddy Shaq at helm. After listening and watching the theme song¬†countless times, here are 5 things which we think you would love in the theme song! The¬†rockish composition Unlike their previous theme … Continue reading 5 Things You Would Like In Vere Vazhi Ille OST

Viveck Ji’s Otte Varthaiyela

It’s very rare to see a rap artists do melody pieces but Viveck Ji is breaking the stereotype with his latest single – Otte Varthaiyela. A melody piece sung by him, the track is from the upcoming Eyekon album. Composed by Viveck Ji, Daddy Shaq and Arvind, Otte Varthaiyela is arranged by Daddy Shaq and Prithvi Samuel. Viveck Ji penned the lyrics alongside Arvind. Judging … Continue reading Viveck Ji’s Otte Varthaiyela

Vennira Iravuggal Soundtracks

You can download Vennira Iravuggal soundtracks for free! As part of it’s free giveaway, click on the link below to download the soundtracks! Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gakb5qdhhvtkuhl/deAMUDxdpN Also, a Minus One Track of Vaanavil & Kathali song is included. TRACKS Title : Indre Pirivom Composer : Lawrance Soosai Vocal : Charumathi Lyrics : Coco Nantha Title : Vaanavil Composer : Lawrance Soosai Vocal : Andrea Jeremiah … Continue reading Vennira Iravuggal Soundtracks