6 Female Rappers in Tamil Hip Hop

When it comes to Tamil hip hop, the scene is entirely dominated by male emcees. The alpha male stereotype is very common in the scene, with Tamil emcees busting out rap lyrics, at times in an aggressive fashion.

While it’s great to see the encouraging development of Tamil hip hop, there is something lacking in the scene– yes, you got it right – female emcees! Female rappers bring a whole new dimension to hip hop as whole. Their aura, rhyme, flow and element of suspense somewhat brings more to the table.

The Tamil hip hop scene has its own beautiful ladies rhyming and flowing. While not many, but our limited research lists the current six! Therefore, check out these six ladies in Tamil hip hop currently trending!

Lady Kash

lady kashAn award-winning rap artist, Lady Kash is a feminine forced to be reckoned with.  Lady Kash started off as a solo artist in 2007 and invited Krissy to form a duo in 2008, which at one point in their career – the duo were practically unstoppable.

The female hip hop duo worked with A.R. Rahman for Endhiran’s Irumbile, which was their debut in global entertainment and then followed by Semmozhi and many more. Following years of success, the duo mutually disbanded in December 2012. Lady Kash also recently made her debut in Bollywood, again with the Mozart of Madras, for the upcoming film Highway. 

 She has so far released several of her own music and even picked up an award with her vocals alongside Anirudh’s Oh Penne in the recent VIMA edition. The version of Oh Penne on Lady Kash youtube is actually the original version that was intended for the movie Vanakam Chennai. The original version has both Anirudh and Lady Kash vocals. It was later released as a bonus.


rubba bendShe first burst into the Tamil scene through Sheezay’s Kambathu Rapper, in which she featured for two songs – Indian Monster and M.O.D. She further solidified her position as a rap artist when she featured in Vikadakavi’s Tamileh Swag. Her deft wordplay and swift delivery attracted a cult-like following. This simultaneously carved her place in the Tamil hip hop industry.

Building on that success, she has gone to rap for two Kollywood blockbusters – Stylish Thamizhachi in Aarambam and Run for Your Life in Biryani, together with Rabbit.mac and Sheezay.
The hallmark of Rubba.Bend’s career to date is winning the Best New Artist award in the inaugural MY Hip Hop Awards.

Cleopatra VII

cleopatraOne of the best Europe talents to burst into the Tamil hip hop scene – Cleopatra VII is the one to lookout for! Her hard-hitting vocals, accompanied with lyrical flow makes her rap exciting. Her in-your-face attitude through Kali Yuga, has certainly gained the attention of many. Kali Yuga also highlighted Cleopatra’s lyrical tenacity through her jaw-dropping verses.

Cleopatra VII talent has also been acknowledge as she was nominated in the Swiss National Tamil Awards for Best Rap/ RnB singer, while her hit single – Kali Yuga also received nomination in the Olikkeetru Awards.

Checkmate Queen

checkmate queenA young female rapper who still has a lot to do but Checkmate Queen certainly got our attention through her first single – Checkmate. Signed under K.O.D, Checkmate showcased her ability to both rap and sing through her self-titled debut track.

The sensational femcee’s smooth transition in her tracks undeniably makes her one of the most exciting talent to look out for. After her self-titled track, she has gone to feature in Shooting Star, a track by her labelmates – MR XL and Mas T.


preciousYet to release her original music but Precious’ cover of Eminem Lose Yourself certainly earns her a spot in our list. Her double-time flow and dashing delivery absolutely makes her stand out. Her cover track sees the aspiring singer rapping in both Tamil and English.

Bilingually proficient, her unique ability will surely appeal to a broad audience. We are pretty sure Precious will be able to craft commercially hit tracks.


v-shaAt the end of 2011, V-Sha released her V-licious track with Switch Lock Up as the producer. The club-infused track received mixed reactions. Nonetheless, being a trailblazer at that time, V-Sha certainly did some justice. The female rapper has also featured with MVP, a Tamil supergroup.

If not mistaken, V-Sha is currently working on her debut album.

We hope these ladies will change and influence the face of Tamil hip hop in the future without changing their attire. It will be great see Tamil femcees rock the mic with style, dignity and certainly, integrity. We also wish that more Tamil female rappers will break the glass ceiling and emerge to the limelight.

By the way, if we missed any female Tamil rappers – do message us!


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